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Motorcade organizational structure
Anyone know the new structure of the Motorcade club?   Does Beverly still work for  Foretravel?  Other than the new $95 annual dues; how does the local chapters and other official club positions play into this new organization?

Re: Motorcade organizational structure
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Got my popcorn and a beer in my hand waiting for the follow-ups on this!  Great question Sib!

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Re: Motorcade organizational structure
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I thought according to the Foretravel letter. Beverly will continue as a FT employee and FT will let her do her club duties for one more year.
All that would have to happen would be to elect a national board to over see the club as a whole. Most...

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Re: Motorcade organizational structure
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Why don't we just wait and see what happens.  The current board is in place.  Not much sense in speculating about all of the possibilities untill something happens.