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Is anyone near Tacoma, WA? I'm in CT and my coach is there, needs work (steering pump) and has been at this service place for a year. I've been calling for months trying to get the part number to help them look, but I never get an answer. It has...

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Re: Tacoma?
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PM me, I'll be back that way Oct 8

Re: Tacoma?
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Sorry we didn't know we left there 4 days ago

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Re: Tacoma?
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Sorry also, we were there last week 😩.

Re: Tacoma?
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Thats as bad as "free beer yesterday" .

Re: Tacoma?
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You can email me also,  I live 15 miles south but I have a boat moored in Tacoma and can probably look for it this Friday.

Re: Tacoma?
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Also PM name of shop, address and phone #

Tim Fiedler
630 240-9139

Re: Tacoma?
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My number is 860-685-1414. I don't know how to pm thru this forum. Text me or call and we can talk! I so appreciate this!

Re: Tacoma?
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If you think that your coach has been kidnaped.

Call the POLICE.

Talk to your local LEO's. Ask their advice. They may be able to help. If not, call the WA State Police or the Tacoma Police.