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The End is Near

For the current server that is.

The server that has hosted the site from the beginning is in desperate need of upgrades.  Unfortunately to do that on the existing server is not the best path, and instead moving to a new server is underway.  The new one will of course have more processing power, memory, disk space, speed all the goodies you get with new(er) hardware.  We are currently very tight on storage and memory so getting some breathing room will be nice.

Also being updated is the server software, the version we are running is EOL.  That means its difficult to patch for security and newer versions of the most important software does not want to run on it.  We are now 3 generations back and trying to upgrade that "stack" to the most recent is just ugly.

Since that is not enough, the version of the forum software we are running is also EOL, so that will be updated to the most recent as well.  There will be some subtle visual changes, and some new features, but nothing that I would call major in terms of how you use it.  Everything one normally does should be no different.

Lastly we are trying out a new version of the "media" area.  Now this is a different software so the interface will be different, but then again the current Media section has a large collection of delightful quirks.  This will likely be after the move, but its something being worked on.

This weekend is the target to move, which means the site will begin to display an "in maintenance mode" page.  Steve has done as much as possible to prepare for the move so the downtime *should* be only a few hours.  The new server has a new IP address, as such name servers need to be updated.  Depending on your host that can take some time, up to a day for some, nothing to do on your end it just happens.

After we are back, I'd expect some issues that will need to be resolved, email comes to mind, as does search.  Those can't be fully prepared ahead of the move so do expect some glitches here and there as things come back to life.

Carry on.
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Re: The End is Near

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Many thanx for all the time and effort you guys expend making this Forum such a nice place to hang out.

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Re: The End is Near

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Thank you! It’s such an amazing asset for Foretravel owners to have the forum available at no charge, a place to go where “friends” help friends and all without annoying adverts or politics.
All your work and moderating is really appreciated,
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Thanks for all your hard work keeping things running smoothly
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Re: The End is Near

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If you guys find yourselves in a bind, I have a lightly used fully managed server in a top tier data center in Chicago that can assist. Just let me know. 
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Re: The End is Near

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Do you need some member financial support to cover the costs?

I'd be happy to contribute to a go fund me or paypal to help defray the costs.
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Re: The End is Near

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See replay # 5

I will also be happy to contribute if needed.


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Re: The End is Near

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Same here!
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Re: The End is Near

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Yes, thank you seems so insufficient, but we appreciate you, your efforts, and expenditures. Please let us know how we can help! I’m sure we could raise funds quickly via a GoFundMe or similar effort via the Foretravel Owners Facebook group if money would help. I also know a particular member who may share some of your technical expertise who might be willing to help, but would want to ask before I volunteer him. Pleas let me know if either of those would help, or anything I could do to help.

Thanks again!
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Re: The End is Near

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Same for us.
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Me Too !!!!  Any Expense should be shared, more than willing to contribute.........  ^.^d  ^.^d  ^.^d
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Thanks for all that yall do to keep the forum going.
As a suggestion would it be possible going forward to break out the technical forum into different categories such as drivetrain, suspension, electrical, plumbing (including aquahot) ?  I know it would be a tremendous amount of work to re-categorize older posts but would make searching much easier if you could implement more categories for new posts.
PM me if you have any questions.
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Re: The End is Near

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"Steve has done as much as possible to prepare for the move so the downtime *should* be only a few hours."

I love optimists.

"After we are back, I'd expect some issues that will need to be resolved,"

As in what to do with what's left of your hair?

I agree, where do we donate to the adult beverage fund?

Good Luck with the move.  None of this is life safety.
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Re: The End is Near

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Good luck with the upgrade. I hope all goes well. Not a easy undertaking  ^.^d
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Re: The End is Near

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A huge shout out to you both for all you do to keep this great forum up and running!  Just one more reason to own a Foretravel!
Thank you, thank you!
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Re: The End is Near

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Thanks for the ongoing effort and support.  We all share in its benefit.  Like many, I would lend support if it was accepted, no strings attached.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill,  This is the beginning of the end that leads to a new beginning and new future. 

Re: The End is Near

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Truly appreciate the heads up Michelle. As the rest of the monthly crew above I would also be interested in helping. Who wouldn't let me spend so much time here? We like to see more space in the personal message box although I know that I should go back and trim... As should a lot of us but I find it's difficult to get rid of old messages that maybe one day I might want to read again LOL
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Re: The End is Near

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When you said to keep the quotes short, etc, I was wondering if site's memory was limited. Your work is appreciated and I know most of us would like to chip in to help so just ask.

Hope the new site will continue to have spell check. :D

Thanks again for the fantastic job you have been doing.

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Re: The End is Near

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I have done a few migrations like this and understand how much work and finesse is involved. Thank you and good luck. Count me in for a donation too
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Re: The End is Near

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I echo what all others are saying.  Count me in too.  
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Re: The End is Near

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I've done a few migrations lately and it's amazing the things the pop-up and bite you in the butt! Hope yours goes smoothly.

Looking forward to a brand new shiny server! :) Thanks for all your hard work!

see ya
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Re: The End is Near

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Thank you so much!
At one time there was an inconspicuous button we could click on to make contributions. That may not be available anymore.
But the Amazon link is on the welcome page, that may help some. We just need to use it.

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Re: The End is Near

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Another forum family willing to help with new server cost.
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Re: The End is Near

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I too would contribute something to make sure this forum doesn't end up like beamalarm did (sorry I don't like the revisions and broken links).

Re: The End is Near

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We'd be more than happy to contribute to the expense/adult beverage fund.

Thanks for a great forum!
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