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Annunciator 1991gv u300
I have no sound now for turn signal when on. I looked at wiring diagram but couldn't find buzzer. Looking under dash cover I found a piezo alerting buzzer. Is this what makes the sound? If that is it how to test?

Ken & Peggy

Re: Annunciator 1991gv u300
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Yes, and at least on the one used in the 1993 models it has a small adjustment screw for volume.

Re: Annunciator 1991gv u300
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I don't have a good photo, but you can see the "annunciator" on our '93 in the bottom of this photo.  It is a shiny black resin block with a white disc embedded in it.  If I turn the little Phillips screw, it doesn't really adjust the volume, but...

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