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Genny Overvoltage
Progressive EMS reports 137v overvoltage periodically which prevents genny power into coach. Until next week am I safe to use the Progressive bypass?

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Re: Genny Overvoltage
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Don't have a direct answer Randy,so the generator is putting out 137 volts?

Re: Genny Overvoltage
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Yes...137 v.

Re: Genny Overvoltage
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I would sure not use it if you have verified that that is the actual voltage (vs gauge problem).  Could damage appliances.

Re: Genny Overvoltage
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What Brett said. Don't use it till it's fixed. My guess is you generator's voltage regulator is bad.

Re: Genny Overvoltage
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Yep to reply 3 & 4. Mine would jump from high 130s to 160 in a flash. Progressive saved my bacon. Bad regulator in my case.

Re: Genny Overvoltage
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I would definitely avoid using it until I could verify the actual voltage and correct any problem  that exists. Not worth taking any chances!

Re: Genny Overvoltage
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I believe we have similar coaches.  As stated earler I would not use it at that voltage.
I have the PPowertech with the 3 cyl. Isuzu, had to replace the voltage regulator last fall.  Powertech has them in stock.

Re: Genny Overvoltage
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Gen is really putting out that high voltage and you are lucky to have your EMS wired after transfer switch, instead of the common before transfer switch. Just do without generator.

This is a normal symptom of a failing Power Tech generator voltage...

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Re: Genny Overvoltage
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Fortunately our FT used the "plug n play" voltage regulator replacement board rather than needing the type that requires re-wiring.  $328.95 for the part and all is back to normal.