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M11 thermostat
I took the thermostat out and there was a metal disc in the hose coming out of the bottom.  Can anyone enlighten me as to what it is there for?
Also, the thermostat seemed to be open and it is about 65 degrees .  I have had thermostats out of

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Re: M11 thermostat
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That is there to make the cooler work correctly for the transmission cooler with the retarder. There is some threads that show a print of this somewhere in the archives. I will see if I can find it. That is the correct location for the orifice...

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Re: M11 thermostat
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On picture number 4,is there a seal inside that hole that the thermostat fits in,if so replace it,it may be sold seperately.

Re: M11 thermostat
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Thanks Mike and John I appreciate the help

Re: M11 thermostat
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Here is one of the threads Mike was referring to Thermo Valve Conversion Kit


Re: M11 thermostat
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Thanks Pamela