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Ceiling Material
I'm looking for some carpet material that is similar to the stuff we have on the ceiling in the old buses. I recall some old threads on this subject but can't find them. Thanks.

Re: Ceiling Material
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Ozite.  Comes in many colors.

Re: Ceiling Material
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I ordered 3 samples from Panther RV Products.
Sand 6555-1
Silver Grey 6502-1
Ivory 6545-1
None are an exact match.  Sand is close but a tad dark and the texture is slightly bumpier.  Ivory has the right texture but is a bit too light.  Still looking.

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Re: Ceiling Material
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Foretravel parts should be able to tell you the exact Ozite PN/color.  Sure, color of 20 year old ceiling may have changed slightly.

Re: Ceiling Material
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FT still has it, at least they did when I was there in March/April.