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Foretravel Dominoes
Last trip the hot water heater popped the pressure valve. Reset and it popped a second time. Worked just fine on previous trip, but cold showers for a week. Replaced the pop off valve, sat outside and watched it run through a cycle. Finally gas...

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Re: Foretravel Dominoes
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Sorry for the visit from Uncle Murphy, but it happens, especially when we start on plumbing.  Touch one thing and the the small movement on our older coaches starts a chain reaction.  Been there, done that.                     ^.^d

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Re: Foretravel Dominoes
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Had the same issue with that under the cabinet filter.  Had ordered new ones and fought the locking ring before success.  Will be changing that filter assembly out when my last filter is changed.  HD or Lowe's, here I come!

Re: Foretravel Dominoes
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I saw the topic and thought your were trying to get a game up. Sorry for your troubles. I do appreciate the information you shared. btw they sell a pretty decent set in the gift shop at FOT.

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Re: Foretravel Dominoes
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Once there was a popular saying that every plumbing job requires three visits to the hardware store. I always go to a different store the third time and the employees think I am a plumbing genius!! (at least I think they do).

Re: Foretravel Dominoes
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Never forget that a coach is an efficiency apartment that lives through an earthquake every time you take it down the road.