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TST TPMS question
Just got TST for the coach and Jeep. Looking at the manual it says to take off the sensors if your not going to be driving for an extended time to help with the battery life. Does anyone do this?i will remove them from the Jeep. Also for those...

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Re: TST TPMS question
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All valve stems pointing out

Re: TST TPMS question
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I  removed them from the Jeep and used 2 of them on the boat trailer this summer. Now all 4 are on the dash of the coach. I left my stems factory style, outside facing in.

Re: TST TPMS question
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I tried valve stems parallel to the coach.  Not good.  They point out now.  I leave them on the coach and the Jeep all the time.  We just changed all of the batteries. They are good for about two years.