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Cheap LED bulb replacement & Puck Info

I know there has been a lot of info on LED bulb replacement because I looked through quite a bit of it.  Products come and go though and I thought it might be useful to post some details on mine.  Also ... before I got started, I couldn't find much info on how to get the puck covers off the ceiling, so I've included my info here.

My coach is a 2009 Nimbus which we bought a few years ago.  The previous owner had replaced some of the halogens with LED but they were dim or not working.

I chose a 1 watt G4 6-LED bulb that I found on Amazon.  These are the flat disks.  They were $11 for 8, so $1.38 each.  I was mainly worried about them fitting in the tight space, so chose to go small.  Amazon link:  EBD Lighting 1W G4 LED Light Bulbs(8 Pack) Equivalent to 10W Halogen Bulb,...

These are no-frills LED bulbs - they came in a manila folder with bubble wrap.  They were still stuck together from the factory - you had to snap them off of a string of 2-5 led bulbs connected together.  That was a little worrisome but they all worked & I did 53 lights.

I have two types of ceiling pucks - the antique brass and the glass.  The antique brass pucks pry off if you use a sharp knife on the inner brass rings.  They just snap in place.  The glass pucks unscrew.  As you look up at them, rotate counterclockwise a half turn.  Both required a fair bit of force to unsnap or unscrew.  I was fortunate in getting everything off without breaking them.  Some of the glass pucks don't feel that secure after I screwed the glass back in.  They are held in by little plastic nubs and the nubs are probably worn a bit. 

Failure mode on the old LED seemed to be mainly heat.  A lot of them were discolored.  Many of the dim ones only had one or two led's working on the disk.  For a device that is touted because it uses less power, it sure seems to cook itself with the power it draws.  Glad I went with the 1 watt disks.

Pictures below:

Failed LED's -- these are the LED's I found that had failed.  Note the discoloration.
Brass Puck & Cover - details on the puck.  Just get something sharp & sturdy to pry it off.  I used the tip of a potato peeler.
Glass Puck & Cover - details on the glass puck.  I was able to unscrew it but it was touch and go.  I've read that others needed a spanner.
LED's that fit in the Pucks - these are the various shapes and sizes that I pulled out of the pucks, installed by the previous owner.   I chose the smallest and lowest watt that I thought I could get away with but I could have upsized.

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Re: Cheap LED bulb replacement & Puck Info

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Dave, use a credit card or thin putty knife around the edge of the trim ring to free it up from the ceiling material, then turn to release.  Prying them off just breaks off the little catch parts.  Pretty much with the glass ones, turn to remove

There are lots out there. These are what FT used (uses) as well as a 4.5” version.  Warm white, higher lumens, direct replacement for the brass trimmed lights.  The spring mounts need no screws.

My preference is to use the most lumens (light output, closely correlates to watts) you can in fixtures and then add a quality manual or remotely controlled dimmer. All of these LED lights can be connected to controllers that work with Amazon’s Alexa.  Say Alexa, turn on the Living Room Lights at 40 percent.”  It is very cool.  With the Alexa app you can turn on or off your coach lights from anywhere.  “Alexa, turn on the coach porch light.” On your way home.

We used 32 of these in our coach 5 or more years ago, no failures, no problems.
Glass ITC LED ceiling puck lights ITC (69231B-3K-DB 3" Radiance LED Overhead Light/Spring Mount:...

When these came available I got a couple just in case.
Replacement glass lens ITC 81230LENS Replacement Lens: Automotive

You can special order ITC lighting fixtures through CW.  Probably more expensive.

Re: Cheap LED bulb replacement & Puck Info

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Appreciate the info.  We'll see how long these last.  They are so cheap, I don't mind replacing a few.  My wife has a touch of OCD, so whatever I did had to be done to all of them.  I notice the design with the LEDs embedded in the puck is probably better.  The metal will conduct heat away from the LED's and I'm sure they'll last longer.

My next step will be replacing the fluorescents.  I bought a 36"under cabinet light from FT for one that went out last summer.  For the others, I think I'll modify my own with the strip lights.  I've got the posts for that job bookmarked.  Looks pretty doable.
Dave Carpenter
2011 Nimbus 42 ft
2009 Nimbus 38ft
2017 Wrangler Toad

Re: Cheap LED bulb replacement & Puck Info

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I just replaced the halogen bulbs in my puck lights with these.  They fit without removing the reflectors.

Yuiip No Flicker Led G4 Bulb Bi-Pin Base 2700K Warm White Light Bulb,...

I too have had good luck with those. I bought mine on eBay.
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Re: Cheap LED bulb replacement & Puck Info

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I replaced all my fluorescent lights with strip lights. Followed one of the posts in board. They have served well and a big savings energy and $. I used three to four strips per fixture.
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Re: Cheap LED bulb replacement & Puck Info

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I just replaced the halogen bulbs in my puck lights with these.  They fit without removing the reflectors.

Yuiip No Flicker Led G4 Bulb Bi-Pin Base 2700K Warm White Light Bulb,...

Thanks, Ordering NOW!
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Re: Cheap LED bulb replacement & Puck Info

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Previous owner had replaced all the halogen with cheap LEDs. They didn't last. Most had only 1 out of 3  LEDs one each bulb working. I went with M4 elite bulbs. Very pricey but worth it imo. They make a quality product in the USA. You get what you pay for.
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