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no brake lights
have no brake lights on my 2001 u270  is there a fuse or breaker that trips if so where and how to reset

Re: no brake lights
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Fuse . Mine's under the dash . marked brakes.  I f that is good , check the brake switch on the pedal box . There may be 2 or more         
      s witches.

Re: no brake lights
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More than likely it is your brake light pressure switch has gone bad. Depending on the day of the week can determine the exact hiding place that you will find it but it should be around the steering box.


Re: no brake lights
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if air system is down no brake lights? that sounds wierd to me

Re: no brake lights
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If air system is down, you do not need brake lights, as the PARKING BRAKE, which is spring applied/air released will prevent you from moving at all.

Of course, before that, your low air alarms would make it difficult for anyone to concentrate...

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Re: no brake lights
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The brake light switch takes air pressure to operate.