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refrigerator fuse
I am trying to assist dsd with his coach, he is having trouble getting the refrigerator going--can't seem to get power to it
Question is there a 12v fuse in the back refrigerator  or somewhere else besides fuse box

Re: refrigerator fuse
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The breaker is one of the manual reset breakers that are hid behind the fiberglass panel in the basement.  I think it is the top one on the left hand set of breakers.


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Re: refrigerator fuse
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Back side of fridge there is a black plastic electrical box cover with 4 screws holding it on.. mine has 2 fuses on the panel under the cover.Thats on a Dometic.

Re: refrigerator fuse
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Yep, outside there's a panel that can actually be easily undone with your finger, unscrew that.

If (after you get power restored) that fuse blows, the fridge should continue to work on propane. Be sure to tighten the fuse, if not tight, it can...

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Re: refrigerator fuse
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Found panel and open breaker. Could not reset. Put same size inline fuse and now have power at fridge. Runs on ac and gas. There was over a half tank of propane. Freezer is freezing since started last night (jumper cables)
Thanks everyone. Little...

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