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A/C relay location
I have a 89 GV with 3208 Cat. Looking for the location of the A/C relay. Also does it have a separate relay for the condenser fan and where it might be?

Re: A/C relay location
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If you have a B-2126 Automotive Wiring schematic for your coach, you can find the (approximate) location there.

If not, do you know where the battery isolator is located?  Look around in that area for the two relays.

Re: A/C relay location
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Probably behind the left will make some difference on condenser fan location. rear wheel mounted on the frame rail. Do you have a unihome or the Oshkosh chassis?  That

Re: A/C relay location
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The clutch relay may be grounded through the low and high pressure switches.  My clutch hot wire runs  over the engine, and down to the compressor. I think the relay is near the cruise panel. 
 I removed all of this system  due to multiple...

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Re: A/C relay location
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My AC Relay is by left rear tire and mounted on a plate just below isolator.  1992 U280.