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motion controls
Anyone installed airbag motion controls?
2007 nimbus

Re: motion controls
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Are you talking about airline snubbers?


Re: motion controls
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Yes, they restrict air flow.

Re: motion controls
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They were developed for use on the inboard mounted airbags. I an interested in any experiences with the foretravel outboard mounted bags were they have alot more leverage.
Tom 2007  336 nimbus

Re: motion controls
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We've talked about them several times over the years but no one has seen any value in Foretravels.

Re: motion controls
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Our new-to-us has Hendersons on it.  Our previous coach had different suspension, so I am not a good judge.

I can say I sense no sway on uneven pavement, parking lot entrances, etc.

Last week, we spent five hours in 45Mph crosswinds in Oklahoma. ...

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