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Busy weekend on the coach

Last weekend I finally had a chance to get on top of some of the stuff that was keeping me up at night. On Saturday and Sunday I...
  • Replaced the remaining three airbags in the rear
  • Changed my fuel filters
  • Installed the new microwave
  • Chased down another leak in the aux system
  • Had the inverter ATS removed and replaced the main ATS with a manual switch installed by Gilles (OffTheGridRvs here on the forum)
  • Had two Victron Orions installed to charge the lithium house batteries while driving
  • Installed the new hardware on the cabinets for the boss

Phew... it was a push but it feels good to be done. A big thanks to Woody (Pyolet here on the forum) for spending Saturday crawling around in the desert with me. I probably could have figured out the bags on my own but it was nice having his experience to lean on. If we're able to get to Nac this spring/summer I'll probably have one of the shops do the front four bags there, along with the ride height valve which I think may be the culprit for my sporadic pressure drops on the front gauge when I hit bumps. Just hanging out with Woody for a day probably quadrupled my knowledge of the air systems in my coach.

I still need to install a MicroAir EasyStart in the front AC. The goal is to be able to run the roof air while driving without needing the generator. Between the 1400+ watts of solar on the roof and the 60 amps coming from the Orions, I think it'll be enough. I also need to adjust the auto-start voltage for the genny so that it aligns with the new lithium batteries. That way, with the help of the EasyStart, I can run the AC on batteries while I'm gone and have the genny kick in once they get low (for the dogs).

Once that's all done, we can start worrying about the full interior remodel my wife wants  :o

EDIT: Also a big thanks to those of you that have helped steer my decisions and linked me to the right parts for a lot of this work. You know who you are.
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