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Read the instructions?

A couple of months ago, we purchased a new tow vehicle. We finished getting it ready to tow a few days ago and wanted some decent weather to try it out. Been raining about every day for the last week. Plugged up the lights, everything worked. Decided I'd call Marilyn to come over to the shop for the maiden voyage, but she decided to pass. There's a new procedure on getting it in neutral on this one than was on the old one, but I thought I was real smart and could do it my way. One of the men on the farm came up about the time I was ready and I asked him to watch and make sure my wheels turned. Of course they didn't and he stopped me after about a foot. I tried the same procedure again....same results. Decided to read the instructions, and lo and behold, it worked just like it was supposed to. Drove into town and turned around at the rice dryer and came home. When all else fails, read the instructions......maybe I'll learn someday.
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Re: Read the instructions?

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You lose all the excitement that way!  lol
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