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variable voltage 95 U320

Hello Foretravelers! Seems that i have a power gremlin running loose in the rv somewhere. We had an issue with our generator a while back. Something tripped or shorted and it kept trying to start repeatedly. I ended up having to pull the relays out of it to get it to stop. I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet since i haven't had to use the generator for a bit (i know i should exercise the generator once a month!). So onto the issue at hand. My voltage is reading 13.3-4 on the display. It used to read a steady 12.8 no matter what. When turning on lights they seem slow to brighten. When turning on lights other lights that are on will dim for a second. Sometimes the lights will flicker. I've looked at the inverter it seems to be on but what i have noticed is the cooling fan not turning on. Feels like it gets a bit too warm. I can hear a buzzing noise sometimes up under the dash. When turning the boost button on the buzzing get significantly quieter. With the coach running the voltage display on the dash reads normal. All electronics in the coach still work just fine. This is happening at more than 1 location. i've been monitoring this issue for about a week to get all the info i could. I'm really at a loss on what's going on. I'm pretty good with figuring things out but I'm just not sure where to begin with this one. Look forward to hearing from everyone!


Re: variable voltage 95 U320

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Start by verifying that connections at the batteries are clean and tight.  Also check that the cables have not oxidized (green).

Be sure to check the ground connections as well.
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Re: variable voltage 95 U320

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Also condition of each battery individually disconnected, electrolyte if wet and load test. 1 could be shorted. Jim.
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Re: variable voltage 95 U320

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Will check these when I get home and will get back to you guys with results. Thanks!